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Health & Safety:

  • Click here to read about legionnaires-disease and handling composts, soils, and potting mixes safely 
  • Click here for Wholesale landscapes' Legionnaires' Disease Safety Data Sheet & WorkSafe's Safety Sheets
  • Click here for our resource on How to Garden Safely.


  • Click here to view and/or download the Wholesale Landscapes 2018/19 PSG1 Product Guide
  • Click here to view and/or download the latest Hops Brochure
  • Click here to view and/or download the latest Nurseries Brochure
  • Click here to view and/or download the latest Biofiltration Brochure
  • Click here to find out How to sow a lawn.
  • Click here for more information on Bounce Bark®.
  • Click here for our Horticulture flyer.
  • Click here for our brochure on Ocean Shell - great for horse arenas!
  • Click here for an overview on Flourish®
  • Click here for our 2015 Animal Bedding flyer
You will also find some great tips and advice in our blog section:
  • Reviewing mulching and composting media
  • Discussing microbial activity in compost
  • Costs of Landscaping in a new build
  • Building a raised garden bed
  • Many more topics
There are health and safety considerations for the use of compost and potting mixes.
You will find a handy bark comparison guide to help you choose the right ground cover for your home or project.
We provide a handy calculator which calculates how much product you will need for your project.

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At Wholesale Landscapes, we supply a wide range of landscaping products that are lovingly aged and blended to ensure the absolute highest quality. We deliver commercial quantities to resellers and projects across NZ. We have a new lifestyle yard in Stoke, Nelson where home owners can access products for a superior landscaped look or a bountiful garden harvest.

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