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Wholesale Landscapes, Home of the Original Forest Floor® Mulch

Written by on August 30th, 2018.      0 comments

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Wholesale Landscapes, Home of the Original Forest Floor® Mulch

There’s very rarely a conversation had about mulching gardens without the mention of Wholesale Landscapes’ Forest Floor®.  It’s the gardener’s favourite time-saver, a super water-conserver and the best battler in the garden in the fight against weeds. 

Since 1999 Wholesale Landscapes have been producing and selling their highly-popular Forest Floor® mulch.  Chances are that your children grew up playing on this surface in their playgrounds. Wholesale Landscapes is a local Nelson business that was founded almost 40 years ago. Since then, hard-working products like Forest Floor® have seen them become the South Island’s largest manufacturer of landscaping products.

The ultimate mulch when it comes to landscaping, rich, dark-brown Forest Floor® is known all over New Zealand as the solution to supressing weeds in the spring and retaining moisture over the summer months.  This quality reduces the need for irrigation and improves plants’ drought resistance. During the colder months, Forest Floor® moderates soil temperatures when frosts occur, protecting plants.

Forest Floor® contains pine cambium fines, and flake, shredded to 100mm in length, which allows the mulch to bind together on steep slopes, (even up to 45 degrees), and remain in place in windy, exposed areas.

As a result of the fines and flakes aging, gardens are fed with a constant supply of nutrients and the soil condition is enhanced through increased carbon content. This improves soil water and nutrient-holding capacity, microbial biomass activity and available nitrogen and phosphorous content, all improving plant health.

Recommended for all landscaping projects, Forest Floor® is the most cost-effective solution for coverage.

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