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The Importance of Dry Wood

Written by Tom Filmer on March 22nd, 2017.      0 comments



It's late when you arrive home from work and the icy blast of winter makes you look forward to sitting by a nice warm fire as you contemplate the day. The load of firewood you had delivered is stacked neatly in the carport and it will be a simple task to get that fire roaring.... As long as you have dry wood!

If your wood is wet(green), apart from finding it very difficult to light, you will wonder why your still feeling the cold. Any potential heat or energy will be consumed in evaporating the moisture in the wet wood. This turns into steam, taking any potential heat you may have enjoyed, up the chimney leaving you cold and frustrated. An added danger is a creosote build up from the unburned gases of the wet wood. This has the capacity to develop into a dangerous chimney fire as the creosote is highly combustible. At the very least its corrosive properties will seriously shorten the life span of your chimney or flue.

Dry wood, especially wood that has been kiln dried, is far more superior. As it dries, it shrinks, therefore you are buying a lot more per cord than if you were to buy the heavier and swollen wet wood. A greater percentage of energy or heat is radiated into your home when you burn dry wood, making the cold night after a day of work relaxing and warm. Dry wood burns hotter and so is burning cleaner, unlike wet wood that produces smoke (which is unburned gas) and this creates smog. Your neighbours wont appreciate the haze that descends every time you light your wet wood fire.

To sum up the advantages of Dry wood over wet or green wood.

     Better storage with no mould or rotting.

     More energy per measurement.

     Lighter weight therefore more for your money.

     Cleaner burning so better for our environment.

Dry wood is not only better for you, it's better for your budget and there is nothing that comes close to the warmth of a hot burning fire.

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