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The Home Owners Guide to Sowing a Lawn

Written by Tom Filmer on March 7th, 2017.      0 comments


Sowing a lawn is done perfectly in Autumn because the mornings are fresh yet we still get the long sunny days of Nelson to allow plenty of growth from seed.

Before you start laying the lawn will you need to prepare the area to give the roots the best possible chance for sustained growth.

Depending on the area, you will likely need to remove existing lawn, hard-fill, or stones to create a good foundation for the lawn. Create a deficit of 60mm from what you would like the finished level to be. This will be the most important leveling as it sets up what media the seed will grow in.

You will also need to accommodate for drainage and have all gradients running away from buildings to eliminate flooding.

Building a Long-Lasting Lawn

Add a 50mm layer of Screened Soil over the existing ground which will not only make levelling and working with easy but also provide a good hard base for the lawn to grow on. If the base layer is of a clay base, loosening up the first 20mm or so will provide a platform for the soil to mix in with. If the change of soil type is intense the roots wont climatize to it and will cause a die off of root structure and plants.

Next add a 20mm layer of Lawn Soil which is a blend of our Barnyard Compost and sand. This creates a nutritious free draining layer that creates a perfect fast growing. Sprinkle lawn seed over and gently rake in before wetting. The remaining 10mm surplus will slowing compose and reduce over the coming weeks to bring you back to the original level planned.

How Much Lawn Seed Do I need?

We generally recommend anywhere between 60-80grams of seed per square metre for a lush green lawn. This will provide enough coverage for a thick lawn and will help prevent re-seeding in the future. If too much seed is applied then the seed will compete with itself for nutrients and through this create a slow growing stagnate lawn


Things to know:

  • We can take your hard-fill, old lawn, and all green waste at our Retail Yard: 55 Saxtons Road Stoke.
  • We have plenty of dry screened soil, and fresh, fast moving lawn soil.
  • We stock a high-quality lawn seed with great yield results.
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