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Written by on October 17th, 2016.      0 comments

Organic matter has a massive effect on the profitability in a vineyard and will only continue to increase in importance as we all want to increase our fruit quality and crop yields.
When a new vineyard is planted up, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to increase the volume of grapes to provide great wines for the world. Capital is a precious commodity, being exposed to debt is a risk we all would like to lessen and a key to getting a better Return on your Investment is to ensure all your new vines get off to the best start possible. Look at it as your key to further growth. For around $2.50 per  plant  an application of  specialized  horticultural compost can help new plants hold water around its roots and reduce the amount of water applied in a dry season. This is particularly helpful in a drought or when access to water is limited. It also will suppress weeds around the base of the plant to stop any nutrient competition. Once the organic matter has  stabilized  in the soil, it will greatly improve the amount of nutrient the plants will extract from your current  fertilization  program.
But here is the very interesting and important part. Giving your plants a hand up at the start of life  in  the ground with  additional  organic matter has shown in history that you can get a comprehensive crop from your vines in 2 years rather than the standard 3 years! Yes, a whole 33% quicker!!
Have you ever calculated the potential effect this could have on your bottom line?
- Simon Kemp, Horticultural Sales Consultant
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Organis Matter is Critical to increasing your ROI

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