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Introduction to Bio Filters

Written by on August 29th, 2018.      0 comments

Introduction to Biofilters


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Biofiltration is a great way to naturally and organically remove odorous bacteria that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere.  BioFilm, manufactured by Wholesale Landscapes for over 10 years, is a specialist, branded technical media used all over the South Island by local government and private organisations to minimise odours.


Biofiltration is the energy-efficient technology for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This process controls odours from wastewater treatment facilities, compost facilities, rendering plants and other odour-producing operations.

Biofiltration uses a media mix of natural carbon and trace elements to create an active biological bed through which VOCs are passed. Contaminant compounds diffuse from the gas phase to the liquid or solid phase in the media bed. They then transfer to the BioFilm layer, where microbial growth, from micro-organisms, occurs, which biodegrades those contaminants. When working efficiently, BioFilm removes more than 90% of air pollutants, including those that some agencies class as hazardous such as hydrogen sulfide.

Councils, particularly, have a responsibility to protect the public health and minimise damaging discharges into the environment. Wholesale Landscapes have proudly supported the minimisation of adverse environmental effects and the promotion of community amenity and good health by long supplying BioFilm to these local government organisations.


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Wholesale Landscapes’ BioFilm is a contaminant-free, all-natural product, manufactured from recycled, carbon neutral materials.


Maintenance of biofiltration systems involves media replacement, moisture control of the filter bed, hardware upkeep and some special requirements depending on the specific biofilter chosen. Most biofiltration systems provide for automatic monitoring and logging of gas temperatures, pressures, humidity and flow rate. Bed media and filtration require manual testing.

Wholesale Landscapes have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to provide expert consultants to advise on your project. Wholesale Landscapes will test current conditions, report findings and create a specialist recipe and product suitable for your site. 

View our BioFilm Brochure here

For more information please contact:

Ben Homan

Bio Filtration Specialist

Wholesale Landscapes


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