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Envisage a lush colorful garden complete with perfect layering and a spectrum of flower types and colorings’.

What’s the Secret……..?  The answer is in the soil.

You need a soil that is easy to work with, doesn't dry out in the summer, will hold and retain moisture to feed plants and doesn't get boggy on in the winter.  A good compost can overcome many soil problems.

Compost is best dug into the topsoil up to a depth of approximately 150mm.  If you wish to use it as a mulch at the base of the plant, keep it clear of the trunk to help minimise the risk of the trunk rotting.  Spread the compost out at a depth of 50 -100mm just beyond the drip line of the foliage so water will wash nutrients from the compost down to the roots.

Compost is excellent for restructuring clay soils and building up gardens.  Compost not only feeds your plants but also improves soil structure.  Once mixed with the soil, it can help improve clay soils and make them lighter.  This then means that the plant roots are able to move around and find food, which results in healthier root systems and bigger plant growth. 
Sandy soils have the opposite effect to clay soils. Sand soil drains water fast, which means essential nutrients in the soil pass through rapidly, and plants are not exposed to the nutrients.  Adding a compost makes the sandy soil particles larger and binds the soil together so the plant has a higher chance to access the nutrients and the soil will be able to retain the nutrients for longer.

Flourish® Compost is an excellent compost to help with clay soils, often used in the Moutere areas.  
Barnyard Compost is a great general compost for restructuring soils.

Supersoil is a 50/50 mix between Screened Soil and Flourish® Compost, providing an excellent media to plant directly into.

Our composts are not chemically sterilised but during the natural compost processing, it rises to a very high temperature which normally kills most weed seed.

Compost is made over a 12 month period.

Bio products are bio-degradable products from the freezing works waste which break down after a period of time.  

Bio products are bio-degradable products from the freezing works waste which break down after a period of time
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