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Re-doing an existing lawn or establishing a new lawn: 

  1. Spray off any existing greenery on lawn area, allow to die.  If possible repeat when vegetation starts to come away again. (don’t use a residual weed spray.)
  2. Lightly work up top layer of lawn area (approx 50mm depth) and rake off dead turf.
  3. Level lawn area using quality Screened soil to no more than a depth of 150mm.  If a greater depth is required use Unscreened Soil to allow better drainage, and then level with Screened soil.
  4. Tread area in by walking over it to compact soil.  Level again raking lightly.
  5. Roll if necessary with small roller.
  6. Lightly rake over lawn area, spread lawn seed evenly, follow instructions on packet, very lightly rake over area to cover seed.    
                        For Premium Lawns use – Green Reward - Premium Lawn Seed. Sowing Rate 1kg to 40m2
  1. Keep area moist using a sprinkler making sure it doesn’t get too wet with water pooling in low areas.  Best time to water is early mornings and evenings.  Keep clear of newly sown areas.
  2. Keep lawn watered until it is established.  Recommended to roll again before mowing for first time.


Clay Based Soils

To prepare ground, blend some soil with the clay base and lightly spread Gypsum over before planting Screened Soil on top for a lawn. This will help prevent grass roots burning off when grass becomes established.
Clay Based Soils Clay Based Soils Clay Based Soils Clay Based Soils Clay Based Soils
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