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So you have built your new house, have moved in and you look out your window and feel you need something more. Instead of piles of dirt and clay, how about a beautiful outdoor space to compliment your new home.

Most people want to know what this will cost, and who can blame them. Usually after a new build funds are getting pretty low and a few plants won’t cost that much, will they?

Every landscape job is different, so it is hard to put an exact price on what it will cost to landscape your section. It depends on whether you are going to do the bulk of work yourself or employ someone to do the job for you. Most landscapers will come and give you a quote depending on the work you want done and according to Landscape gardeners with one or two years experience you can expect to pay between $15-$18 per hour. This does not include a landscape designer who can earn from $35 upwards.

Is your section flat or have you built on the side of a hill. Retaining walls can cost around $1500 for an average sized wall using concrete blocks according to Zones landscaping specialists. This does not include walls that need council consent (higher than 1.5m and walls near buildings and drives).

There is also the option of using Gabion baskets for retaining walls. These can be purchased as a kit set from as little as $20 for one basket or you can make your own. They are easily filled with stones, bricks and even wood.

Gabion retaining wall and steps (image source Gabion 1
Gabion retaining wall and steps (image source Gabion

Usually, your drive is already in as part of the build process and you hope that the topsoil scraped off the house site has been kept to one side for you to reuse in your gardens, but this is not always the case. To fill areas that have hollows or to build up behind retaining walls you can get an unprocessed soil. It is great for drainage as it still retains rocks and lumps. It is a cheaper than the finer screened soils that can be used later in select garden areas.
Wholesale landscapes Unscreened Soil

When it comes to lawns there are a couple of options. You can use Ready lawn that will give you an instant grass area. The cost is approx $8.00 per square metre, not including labour or gettingyour area ready. If you are happy to wait you can self-seed the area, this is best done in autumn after the dry and heat of summer has gone. Ground preparation is the key to a great lawn.

McGregor's All Purpose Lawn Seed (2kg) available from Homelandz
One of the most important and perhaps the most costly aspect of landscaping are the plants. Depending on the size of the plant you can spend from $5 upwards. Smaller plants will take longer to fill in a gap but if you are prepared to wait a couple of years it will be hard to distinguish between a smaller cheaper plant to a larger more expensive one of the same variety. Hedging plants can be quite expensive if you have to buy great quantities so it is more cost effective to get a smaller grade.
Fruit trees can be purchased as bare root from July for about $30 up to approx $60 for a tree like an Avocado. It is always wise to find out what grows well in your area and place your plants in a position they will thrive. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on plantings only to have them die because they don't like the sun or are frost tender.
Landscaping can cost from $5000 to over $100 000 depending on your budget. It will add value to your property and will make your outdoor space an enjoyable experience. The Landscaping network suggests you spend a total of 10% of the value of your home. Personally, we have spent hundreds of dollars on landscaping and plants for no other reason than we love creating beautiful spaces to enjoy at home.

Landscaped garden in Upper MoutereLandscaped garden in Upper Moutere.

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