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Flourishing Landscaping Industry Welcomes Product Specification Guide

Written by on August 24th, 2018.      0 comments


Landscapers and home gardeners are set to explode into action this spring as a blooming year for landscaping continues. Wholesale Landscapes’ Product Specification Guide makes it easy for customers to select the product most suited to their needs.

New Zealand is seeing a boom in residential building and with it, a collateral boom in landscaping, as home-builders complete their exterior design by enhancing their outdoor spaces. The latest research shows that a beautiful outdoors environment isn't just nice to have, but a therapeutic outdoor space is important to people's health and wellbeing.

According to Statistics New Zealand, May 2018 saw the highest number of new dwellings consented nationally since June 2004. The increase for the year ended May 2018 was 6.5%. A forecast by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment predicts the construction boom is set to continue for the next five years. The ramping up of the Labour Coalition Government’s KiwiBuild programme will enhance this effect through to 2028.

Anecdotal evidence indicates landscaping businesses are thriving under these conditions. Here at Wholesale Landscapes, we have noticed products, such as screened soil and other staples for landscaping, have been selling in record quantities.


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Landscapers are increasingly centred on customising their range of services to meet home-owners’ specific needs. Regional soil variations and other variables in environmental conditions need to be taken into account in the application of specific landscaping products. This prevents inefficiencies in the application, underutilisation or outright misuse of products. Wholesale Landscapes, the market leader in the supply of landscaping products, has come up with a solution to empower customers through increased knowledge.

Wholesale Landscapes has launched a new 40-page Product Specification Guide. The full-colour brochure describes all their products in detail, lists ingredients, specifies recommended use, storage and handling and advises the most effective method of application. It notes results of product testing, conducted at Wholesale Landscapes’ onsite laboratory. These include pH testing, wind testing, slope testing, air-filled porosity (AFP) testing, bulk density measurements, weighing and sizing of their specialist landscaping products.  Approximate freighting volumes are also included for easy assessment of transport requirements.

Enhance your landscaping business by accessing all the information you require to meet the specific needs of your customers.

View or download Wholesale Landscapes’ Product Specification Guide at:



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