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Five Common Garden Design Mistakes

Written by Tom Filmer on May 7th, 2018.      0 comments

Five Common Garden Design Mistakes

  1. Gardening for the now, not the future.

Remember the saying, “if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”? This gardening error can be readily seen in many overgrown gardens, which have over-matured planted areas. It is all too common to plant for the final project to look aesthetic and complete, however, without proper forward planning you may create long-term problems in overgrown plants with ill-health.

Fix: Plan your garden design for the future and consider the fully-grown plant size, which will enable you to have a great looking garden when it matures. Take the time to look for full-grown plant dimensions and design accordingly.  The upkeep of plants placed too close together will potentially be more labour intensive as they require more trimming. Seek advice from nurseries, landscape designers and knowledgeable gardeners.

  1. Designing for all seasons

Does your garden look great all year round? A good garden will look good for one of the four seasons, but a great garden will impress all year round. Gardeners tend to visualise the plants when in season or in flower but need to remember that not all plants appear captivating through all seasons.

Fix: Clearly define the purpose of your garden; what it is you want from it.  Perhaps you would like an area to entertain in the summer, improved privacy or simply a fun hobby. Incorporate plants that will enhance the garden without detracting from its primary focus and will create a great display year-round. This will not only give you a four-season garden to admire but also encourage you to explore more options for plant choice.


  1. Choosing the appropriate ground covering

Once you have decided on the plants and the layout of your landscape, it is all too easy to pick the cheapest bark or stone for ground covering. In most cases, selecting a surface cover shouldn’t be reliant on the price. The last thing you want is to purchase a product which will require excessive maintenance or not fit your garden’s over-all style.

Fix: Assess what you are trying to achieve with ground surfacing. Choose a product best suited to your garden’s purpose. When deciding on complimentary colours, bear in mind both current surroundings and how the garden will look in the future. You may want your surface cover to enhance your plants or nearby buildings. There are types of barks and mulches that are better suited for certain terrains such as sloping areas, some sections may require a mulching bark, or a driveway may require stone to promote drainage as opposed to compaction. If you are unsure, have a look at the Bark Comparison Chart on our website or contact us to discuss your needs.


  1. Growing plants in the wrong positions

There are many reasons for an unhealthy plant but sometimes it is due to it being planted in the wrong environment. A plant that doesn’t fit its position will struggle from day one and will never flourish to its full potential.

Fix:  Study the plants you intend to utilise. Double check their required soil types, preferred positioning for sun or shade, planting depth and water needs. Tie this in with point one, above, and visualise how surrounding areas will look in the future, as this may influence plants’ requirements such as sun exposure and water demands.


  1. Lack of research

Knowledge is power when it comes to gardening. If you are investing your time and money into a garden, you will want the best return, whether this is through increased growth, improved visual appearance or enhanced privacy. One of the most common mistakes made by home gardeners is simply going to the nearest shop and selecting plants based on what’s available.

Fix: Research varieties of alternative plants. Ask around at nurseries, garden expos or investigate attractive gardens in your area. Additionally, information can be found in gardening encyclopaedias, on online forums or expert websites.  By utilising these sources and following our tips, not only will you have a garden that is unique and has flourishing growth, but your garden will also best fit its intended purpose.




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