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Make A Plan.. Draw up your section and back yard.  Plot your intended garden spaces, lawn areas etc.  Mark in the sizes and heights of large items such as vegie gardens, pergolas, large trees or children’s play areas.  Then research garden shows and magazines – take copies of ideas you like. Having a plan will help you keep on track.
Choose Plants for all seasons.. Have a selection of plants that will flower in Spring, Summer and Autumn and other varieties in Winter.  This way you will always have some visual interest throughout the year.
Think Colour.. 
Do you want to add some colour to your landscape?  Whether you want natural green, greys, browns or some vivid red flowers, research different bushes and flowering trees, (ask your local nursery – or have a look at other plants in your area).  Annuals that only last a season are a great way to brighten your borders or even in hanging baskets or welcoming pots at your door.
Add Depth ..  When planting outside, choose taller varieties for the back – small plants at the front and medium in the middle.  This way you have a staged garden.
Keep Maintenance in Mind..
Trim your trees; be honest – if you haven’t got the time, hire a gardner!  There’s plenty of experienced gardeners / lawn care business owners, who will happily give your trees and shrubs their needed haircut.  You could alternatively create low maintenance gardens – rock gardens, large mulch areas – leave the intricate flowerbeds to those who are more green-fingered. 
Use Ground Covers..
Ground cover is an excellent choice for covering large spaces or adding interest between trees and bushes.  It comes in many varieties such as Forest Floor® or Deco No.2.  It is low maintenance and will keep those annoying weeds away. A consistent mulch regime keeps moisture in the soil and inhibits the weeds.
Create Rooms..
Garden Decor
If you are working with a large space, adding walls to create separate spaces creates a really appealing look.  Do this by using hedges, garden statues, urns, trees and flowerbeds – remember to add a few pathways to connect them.
How important it is to use a great compost or soil to ensure the growth and healthiness of your plants.  Use a compost with suitable nutrients to suit what you are planting. Use a well recognised product like - Flourish® Compost.
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