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Written by on October 17th, 2016.      0 comments

Despite people downsizing their sections, or living in an inner city apartment or rental, a garden is still something we like to have as part of our home.
Just because you haven't got a 1/2 acre section doesn't mean you have to miss out on a colourful array of herbs, flowers or homegrown veggies.
Planting in pots or container gardening is an ideal option.  Many people including children and the elderly who can only manage smaller plots have a variety of pots of garden boxes filled with fresh veggies and herbs with a border of colourful flowers. Even smaller trees including citrus and dwarf fruit trees grow well in pots.

Place the herbs and vegies close to your kitchen, making it easy to include the herb seasoning and vegies with dinner!

Re-plant and re-pot when necessary.

Always choose a pot that is a suitable size to the specific plant you are potting.  An overly big is not ideal, but if it is too small the plant will die.

Always choose a pot that drains well, so excess water can drain away and will not leave the roots sodden and moldy.

A premium potting mix is essential to patio pots and tubs.  Ask for advice at your local garden centre as to which potting mix best suits your plants.

Plants grown in containers can dry out quicker than those grown in a garden so water regularly or use water crystals to retain water.
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