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Analysis of Artificial Playground Surfacing

Written by Tom Filmer on November 5th, 2018.      0 comments

When choosing playground surfacing, it’s sometimes tempting to go with the apparent ‘simple solution that requires no maintenance’.  However, what if you were told that ‘solution’ potentially creates the need for increased maintenance, involves more capital outlay and can deteriorate into a safety hazard? We’ll get into the details later, but before we do let’s take an initial look at four different playground surfacing choices.


Bounce Bark®, The Best Choice for Playground Surfacing

Written by on September 12th, 2018.      0 comments

An important part of a Kiwi kid’s childhood is the time spent playing in playgrounds, whether it’s with family at the local reserve, or with friends at school or an Early Childhood Education Centre. Councils, principals, Boards of Trustees and ECE Centre managers are tasked with providing challenging, yet safe, play environments.


The Benefits of Bounce Bark

Written by on August 24th, 2018.      0 comments

Using bark as playground impact-protection provides more than a naturally-sourced, environmentally-responsible, sustainable safety solution- it also promotes kids’ immunity and general health and wellbeing.



Written by on October 17th, 2016.      0 comments

Kids don't always bounce back
By Chris Barnes
Thanks to improved safety standards (particularly the removal of unsafe playground equipment and a reduction in the height of structures) playgrounds today are safer and injury rates for the most catastrophic head injuries have significantly declined. Unfortunately, not all is going well. The bad news is that fractures - particularly to the shoulder, wrist, forearm and elbow - are up, with those aged five to nine years most affected.
While overcrowding, lack of adult supervision and more "boring" equipment that children misuse have been blamed, the biggest culprit remains playground design. But the surprise is that it's not just about what children are falling from – mostly monkey bars – but what they're falling onto. That is, children are mostly injured when they fall from play equipment onto a hard surface.

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