Gravel & Stones

Black Marble 40mmJPG
A 20mm-40mm frosted edged black chip.
Waipapa Limestone 20mmJPG
Waipara Limestone Chip

A consistently sized 20mm chalk-like chip.
Caramel Dolomite ChipJPG
A caramel coloured medium sized chip sized 30mm


Glacier ChipJPG
A locally sourced 1-18mm sized white chip.
Riwaka Gold Chip 13mmJPG

A well-known and popular golden chip.
Driveway ChipJPG

Blue/green coloured driveway chip size 8-20mm.
Brightwater Rounds 12mmJPG
12mm small blue/grey river stones.
Brightwater Rounds 20mmJPG
20mm small blue/grey river stones 
Brightwater Rounds 40mmJPG
40mm medium size blue/grey river stones


Concrete AggregateJPG
Size 0-20mm connag.


AP20 GravelJPG
A blue/green top coarse gravel
AP40 GravelJPG
A blue/green base coarse gravel.
Concrete Sand 2JPG
A 5mm concrete sand.

A clean washed dune sand sized 0-3mm which is free of contaminants, salt, and chemicals.


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