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Flourish compost watch your plants grow premium top compost full of nutrients goodies(copy1)

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Product Description


Full product specification sheet can be viewed here.

  • Organic Based
  • Mushroom Compost Base
  • Horse & Chicken Manures
  • Fine Bark Mulch
  • Odourless
  • PH 7 (Neutral)  - High Nutrient Value

A top quality compost which includes a lot of unique ingredients. This is a very good product for breaking up clay soils and improving soil conditions. Flourish® Compost is very well known with keen and experienced gardeners, who keep coming back for more. 

Great for plants that like lime.
Not good for Rhododendron , Hydrangeas or acid-loving plants.
Because of the high nutrient value, we recommend mixing it with soil if you are planting directly into it as roots could burn.


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At Wholesale Landscapes, we supply a wide range of landscaping products that are aged and blended to ensure the absolute highest quality. We deliver commercial quantities of bark-based landscape supplies to resellers and projects across NZ. We have a trade yard in Stoke, Nelson where landscapers and contractors can conveniently pick up bulk landscape supplies - all year round.

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