Dream Makeover Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions: 

Format for Draw

All those who sign-up at the home and garden show prize computers are in the draw to win the $10,000 makeover.

Following the Nelson Home and Garden Show, a random draw will select a specified group of finalists.

Those finalists must RSVP with all areas of information requested to be eligible to win the final draw.

Requirements of RSVP for finalist

Must read and agree with Terms and Conditions to claim RSVP and accept spot as a finalist

Must be present at prize draw to claim prize

Must RSVP with the following information:

Full name of prize winner:

Contact Phone Number:

Will the work be on your property? Y/N

If yes, address where work will be completed:

If no, who are your transferring the prize to?:

What is the address of that property?

You acknowledge this person has read and agreed with the terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions


Prize is to the retail value of $10,000

Cannot be transferred for cash or on-sold.

Prize value is inclusive of design, materials, labour, transport, project management, compliance and any other incidentals deemed necessary within project budget.

Prize must include Wholesale Landscapes Premium product lines as deemed fit by WLS.

Design in consultation with winner. Project budget and management control remains with WLS.

WLS will deliver finished Landscape to area of property.


Who receives prize

The prize winner must be the person named in the RSVP.

Prize winner must be present to claim prize.


Prize winner’s obligations

Prize winner agrees to be photographed and interviewed for media.

Prize winner agrees to property and work being filmed and photographed for makeover video series.

Marketing agreements



Site access and project works will be agreed upon by all parties.

Site works must be completed within the following Nelson City, The Brook, Atawhai, Stoke, Richmond, Brightwater Wakefield, Mapua, or as deemed acceptable in consultation with WLS.


Time Frame

Initial planning will begin week of 9-13 October

Prize needs to be drawn down within 6 months.



Termination Clause

If at any stage WLS deems prize winner not to be acting in good will towards the overall vision of this prize give away, or they are not adhering to terms and conditions agreed to, or falsified any information or they bring the project or WLS Brand into disrepute, WLS reserve the right to terminate the prize agreement, without delivery or liability. In this case, the value of the prize will be transferred to charity or community organisation. In addition, WLS undertakes not to leave winner with any associated costs because of any uncompleted works, where the property is of a standard below prior condition.


WLS Statement on Prize draw and eligibility

Prize winners randomly selected, and vetted.

No one with any relatives or associates of WLS

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