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Seasonal Specials
With every change of the season, Wholesale Landscapes will bring you a manufacturer’s special. That means our special will be a cracking deal, because we are the team that manufactures the products, like potting mix, bark, compost, mulch, soil, shell, and wood.

The specials you might typically see are:
  • A great chunk off the retail price, summer 2016, saw up to 50% off Fish Compost and 40% off Deco No.2 garden bark mulch. We might have multi-bag specials or bump up your quantities and give you an extra scoop.
  • Giveaways are often on our list, with gardening and landscape products just plain given away with purchase. A bag of Flourish ® compost, a bag of potting mix or a bag of bark. Gardening gloves, weed spray, fertilizer, rakes, hoses, vegetable garden seeds and much more.
  • You may expect to be the first to have access to our newly developed landscaping products, and have access to a special introductory price. Or we might just be giving away $10 vouchers or gardening products because we genuinely care about our loyal customers.
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Bagged Products for Your Home Garden or Landscape
Our most popular landscaping and garden products are available in conveniently sized 40L bags. The versatile mushroom, neutralized bark, and peat-based Flourish ® compost is our most complimented compost. There are also three distinct potting mixes available in the bag, and three different sizes of bark chips to choose from in our bagged bark range.
Bark and Mulch for any Garden or Landscape
If you live on the flat in Richmond, Stoke or Waimea and you could use a beautiful Chocolate Mini Chip bark or Premo ® Chip bark to take advantage of the level ground. But even if you live on the Port Hills in Nelson, with steep gradient banks, Wholesale Landscapes has you covered with decorative mulch bark options for slopes.

Not only decorative in nature, making your garden look well maintained. Our range of bark and mulch will help to suppress weeds and retain moisture over those summer and autumn months. Bark and mulch increases plant health and soil condition.

Wholesale Landscapes are the bark manufacturing professionals, we have 25 years’ professional experience in Nelson and are trusted to produce the highest quality bark and mulch.
Potting Mix in Bags or Bulk
Our potting mix recipes are highly regarded within industry. We work with some of the largest growers and nurseries in New Zealand, to develop custom potting mix for a specified purpose or produce. Then we take all that knowledge and reproduce it for our clients with the most effective potting mix in Nelson.

Apart from customised bulk potting mix deliveries, we have three Flourish ® mixes including Pot 'n Tub Potting Mix, All Purpose Potting Mix, and Bedding and Seed Raising Potting Mix.
Compost, Organic and Filled with Goodness
Perhaps one of our major areas of expertise is the blending of organic compost. Once again, we have compost available in the bag, loaded onto a trailer, or bulk compost delivery. But that is just how you get our great product, what we offer is another matter.

Check out our compost page to see all the specific mixes. Variations include fish compost, mushroom compost, manure-based, vegetation-based and horticulture specific.
Topsoil for All Purposes
If you want a base growing media to shape your landscape or vegetable garden, our range of topsoil are processed and screened to promote healthy growth for plants, grasses, and vegetables.

We have topsoil, including a very fine lawn soil blend, a screened soil and super soil, which includes a half-and-half mix of Flourish ® compost.
We Sell Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
Wholesale Landscapes stocks a unique range of the most decorative shell. Whether you require shell as a ground cover, for a garden path or on a commercial scale, we have the options for you.

From locally sourced whole mussel shell for a bold look to a refined scallop shell, we process this beautifully natural landscaping product into many sizes. A crushed shell, or mini shell sized down to 18mm.

Stone and Gravel for Shaping and Decorating Landscapes
Concrete sand, AP gravel, round pebbles, and decorative chip. The range of stones and gravel we have will suit any landscaping job. We have the decorative finish of a glacier, caramel dolomite or Riwaka Gold chip to the smooth finish of a pebble round for paths.

About Us

At Wholesale Landscapes, we supply a wide range of landscaping products that are lovingly aged and blended to ensure the absolute highest quality. We deliver commercial quantities to resellers and projects across NZ. We have a new retail yard in Stoke, Nelson where home owners can access products for a superior landscaped look or a bountiful garden harvest.

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