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Reduce Vet Bills With Healthy Stock 

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For the last 15 years, Wholesale Landscapes have been helping farmers across the South Island with animal bedding. Wholesale Landscapes is the supply hub for animal bedding with a range of solutions to suit any farming operation.  We understand the importance of animal health during the wet and cold winter month. Afterall healthy, dry, warm stock translates to reduced animal health costs such as vets.



- Calf bedding including calf shelters and calf sheds

- Stand-off pads / Loafing pads

- Wintering pads

- Horse shelters and horse stables




A blended wood product made from 100% natural virgin wood. Consisting of a range of particles size 1-100mm.

A range of particles sized 1-100mm for an excellent balance of longevity, comfort, absorption and breathability.

100% untreated, all-natural pine wood product meaning there’s no risk of unwanted health effects on your animals.

Contract Grinding

The parent company of Wholesale Landscapes, Azwood Group offer a contract grinding service to large scale farming operations. Azwood Group has invested heavily in the latest and leading wood processing technology. The grinding of onsite wood, which otherwise goes to waste is part of their company values of being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given.

Do you have shelterbelts, old pines or other trees that needing to be processed? Azwood Group can supply the equipment, staff and technical expertise to utilise your resources you have onsite already.

Ask about our contract grinding services here.

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Supply & Delivery

Wholesale Landscapes have been distributing wood and bark based solutions across New Zealand for over 25 years. Over these years, we’ve built strong relationships with reputable transport companies. It’s these relationships that give us flexibility in providing a range of solutions, delivery methods and volumes. Because of this, you can ensure your delivery will be delivered in full, on time and to specification.

Our Process

Wholesale Landscapes’ foundation has been build on wood and bark based solutions. We understand each customer may have different animal bedding needs. We cater for all animal bedding needs from a horse owner, right through to custom-blending products for larger scale dairy farms.

First, we find out what you and your animals require in terms of product, and what delivery methods are preferred. Following this, our team works through access, timeframes, budgets and delivery schedules with you. Once everything is confirmed, we communicate with you throughout the delivery process to make sure you’re informed and happy.  


Previously I’ve used other types of animal bedding, do you have samples you can provide?

Yes, we can provide samples. Let us know more about your requirements and we’ll get a sample on its way.


Should I preorder animal bedding?

Yes, preordering animal bedding ensures our transport companies can incorporate it into their delivery schedule. Often we can work in with backloads when we’re given sufficient notice. Backloads is the most cost-effective way to transport animal bedding.


Home much product do I need?

If you head over to our volume calculator, this will provide an accurate indicative figure. Rounding up or down to the nearest full truckload will make it the most cost-effective solution.


What is the timeframe from order to delivery?

This depends on the volume ordered and the delivery site. Across the South Island, we can have orders in fulfilled and delivered within approximately 1-2 weeks.


What delivery methods do you use?

Wholesale Landscapes owns and operates its fleet for local deliveries. With a range of truck sizes and configurations within the fleet, we are very flexible on delivery volumes, access and timing.

For deliveries further afield, we work with logistic partners to ensure your delivery goes smoothly and to plan.


When does contract grinding become more cost-effective?

The contract grinding service is best suited for large scale operations that already have trees or wood residues on site. The larger the operation, the more beneficial and cost-effective on-site processing will be. We operate this service so farmers can clean up their property while manufacturing their animal bedding.

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