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Since a Picture Paints a Thousand Words... 

As you work alongside your Landscape Architect creating the blue prints of numerous estates and acreage developments…think about designing a pictorial domain using quality landscaping products.
Landscaping products that are of consistent and high-quality day after day, year after year are critical to the ongoing success of any landscaping project.

When specifying Wholesale Landscapes barks, mulches, composts and other ground covers, you will have a peace of mind knowing that they will consistently be of the same high quality - allowing you to complete projects to the highest possible level.

Wholesale Landscapes will help you fulfil your job to the highest possible standard by ensuring you are using the best quality and most consistent products for your design application.  Using Wholesale Landscapes high-quality products will give you a peace of mind you are providing your customer with the best possible service you can offer.  
Many Landscape Architects offer a wide range of professional planning design and consultancy services.  Including; residential and commercial design, subdivisions, land use management, amenity and urban design for local authorities and resource consent applications. 

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Landscape Architects

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At Wholesale Landscapes, we supply a wide range of landscaping products that are aged and blended to ensure the absolute highest quality. We deliver commercial quantities of bark-based landscape supplies to resellers and projects across NZ. We have a trade yard in Stoke, Nelson where landscapers and contractors can conveniently pick up bulk landscape supplies - all year round.

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