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Spreader Wagon For Compost Application in Blenheim, Marlborough, Nelson, Tasman

We hire out our Hortcom Spreader hire to vineyards, orchards and other horticulture clients throughout the Top of the South. We provide reduced rates for clients that also purchase products

The Spreader Wagon is 1.8m wide – this enables easy access in most common row widths.
With good turn around sites, the Spreader Wagon can distribute 300m3 plus per day.

Wagon holds 4-5m3 at any one time.
Start/Stop controls enable easy spot or strip mulching in rows.
The wagon is powered by hydraulics connected to the tractor remotes with controls for the flow and depth of mulch.
The Marlborough Research Center has done mulching trials over a three year period which have highlighted many promising outcomes.  A book on this is available from Marlborough Council.
TO TOW: Needs a tow hitch with pin
Hort Spreader-688
Landscaping 020-333-990


Usage is variable depending on property management, soil types etc.  In a general application this can be from
50-100m³        per      Hectare
20-40m³          per      Acre
of crop depending on thickness applied and lineal meters of planting.
The Hortcom Spreader applies the compost at 500-700mm wide and thickness can be varied by speed of the machine.
HECTARE USAGE                                                      Lineal meters per hectare
Vineyards  Planting @             2.4 width                                              4100m
                                                       2.7 width                                              3700m
.400mm (width) x 0.0750mm (thick) x 4100m (Length rows)             123 m³
.400mm            x 0.0750mm            x 3700                                              111m³
Orchard Plantings  @         3.6 width                                                   2700m
                                                 4.0 width                                                    2500m
.400mm(width) x 0.75mm (thick) x 2700m                                               81m³
 400mm(width) x 0.75mm (thick) x 2500m                                               75m³

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