Do you want?
Increased Organic Matter?
Effortless Weed Suppression?
Consistent Water Management?
Better Soil Management and Structure?
Have you got lower production land that you are planting into?

Many fruit growers have used our specialist growing medias, Hort Compost & Viticulture Fines range on some of their lower production land.  After applying, the growth has been just as fantastic as planting in the best ground around!
Colin Mackay (Mackay AG Contracting) Horticulture Reference
Colin MacKay, owner of MacKay AG Contracting and a vineyard in Marlborough, uses many of Wholesale Landscapes' products. Since 2015, Colin has been applying Hortgro Compost, Ocean Shell Standard, and Bark fines to his own blocks, and also clients of his agricultural services. 

As caretakers of the land, we need to replenish what the plant has taken out. We get good weed suppression from it, and we get the nutrients coming out.

Colin MacKay 
The Benefits of Our Organic Solutions
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Boost Organic Matter

Building up organic matter in soil may be the most important thing you can do to enhance long-term soil performance.


Nutrient Holding

Brings the CEC level up in the soil to keep nutrients around the root system.

Moisture Retention

Any applied water goes further, absorbing 6 times it's weight allowing crops to thrive through dry spells.

Weed Suppression

Especially important for young plants getting a head start.

Root Development

Bigger roots systems take in more nutrients and water.

Reduces Compaction

Increases air and water movement in the soil allowing for ample supply for root development.


Increase in your plants growth
Stable plant health
Weed suppression
Moisture retention
Improved soil condition
Better root structure
Helps your plants roots breathe
Increases the structure and management of soil

Viticulture Fines
An aged 0-12mm fine bark product. Can be used as an excellent weed suppressant and/or soil conditioning product. 100% Organic.

Full product specification sheet can be viewed here.
Enhanced Bark Fines
A great value very fine bark products which is screened to a 0-8mm medium. Brilliant for fast soil entry and increased carbon content.

Full product specification sheet can be viewed here.
Hort Compost
  • Bio Products from Freezing works waste
  • Sheep Manure
  • Odourless
  • PH 5.5-6
  • Organic Based

Full product specification sheet can be viewed here.

Hort Compost is free from residual herbicides, sprays and fungicides and is not a green-waste compost.  
It is the most proven compost for commercial growers and has been manufactured for more than 10 years.
The product will give better crop quality, and faster crop return by retaining moisture in the soil and increasing organic matter and carbon contents in the ground for more healthy and productive plants. Hort Compost will also provide weed suppression which reduces vine and tree weeding and maintenance.
Crushed Shell
Increases moisture retention
Adds calcium and trace elements
Lifts light levels under trees
Great weed suppressant
Trials on Two year old apple trees
Average 2 year old tree – 30.60mm trunk average
2 year old tree with 1 pass of shell = 33.00mm trunk average
2 year old tree with 3 passes of shell = 38.50mm trunk average


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