Do you want?
Increased Organic Matter?
Effortless Weed Suppression?
Consistent Water Management?
Better Soil Management and Structure?
Have you got lower production land that you are planting into?

Many fruit growers have used our specialist growing medias, Hort Compost & Viticulture Fines range on some of their lower production land.  After applying, the growth has been just as fantastic as planting in the best ground around!
Increase in your plants growth
Stable plant health
Weed suppression
Moisture retention
Improved soil condition
Better root structure
Helps your plants roots breathe
Increases the structure and management of soil
Viticulture Fines
An aged 0-12mm fine bark product. Can be used as an excellent weed suppressant and/or soil conditioning product. 100% Organic.
Enhanced Bark Fines
A great value very fine bark products which is screened to a 0-8mm medium. Brilliant for fast soil entry and increased carbon content.
Hort Compost
Hort Compost is specifically manufactured for the Horticulture and Viticulture industry. A free flowing nutritious product produced from fine bark mulch and other active fertilizing ingredients.
Crushed Shell
Increases moisture retention
Adds calcium and trace elements
Lifts light levels under trees
Great weed suppressant
Trials on Two year old apple trees
Average 2 year old tree – 30.60mm trunk average
2 year old tree with 1 pass of shell = 33.00mm trunk average
2 year old tree with 3 passes of shell = 38.50mm trunk average

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