Curamet - Certified Playground Wood Chip


Providing Kiwi kids with environmental awareness and sustainable safety in a playground


About Us

Wholesale Landscapes are the South Island’s largest manufacturer of landscaping supplies, supplying quality products across New Zealand. In 2016, the wholesaler decided to give locals a fantastic option: to buy direct from the manufacturer and access the quality and service that has been present for the 30 years we have been in operation.


Our Why:

OUR WHY: It’s simple really. We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given. Wholesale Landscapes is built on the foundation of maximising the utilisation of products that would not otherwise be used to their full potential.

Because of this, we can ensure that purchasing products from Wholesale Landscapes means you’re not only being resourceful but you’re also buying directly from the manufacturer. This provides confidence that the products are as specified, to the highest quality possible, and, at the best price.


The 6 Stages of Curamet

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Stage One: Plantation    
Forestry constitutes a large part of New Zealand. Its benefits are many, including environmental, economic and recreational.

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Stage Two: Active Carbon Sequestration    
Forest plantations provide a sustainable way to actively and effectively reduce released greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration. Trees are the foundation of New Zealand’s green image and they help in our efforts to keep the environment pristine.

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Stage Three: Environmental Clean-up    
As part of our wood-recovery operation, Wholesale Landscapes, in conjunction with Azwood Energy, clean up forestry residue, such as slash and other wood waste, that remains after harvesting.

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Stage Four: Flow-on Effects    
Our wood waste recovery has many flow-on effects which positively impact the environment.  Cleaning up forestry skid sites diminishes fuel for forest fires, reduces the incidence and impact of erosion events during extreme weather, protects waterways from residues and erosion and assists with plant regrowth.

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Stage Five: Processing    
Although the wood we get from our clean-up process is completely untreated, we go to extra lengths to remove from it any stone or natural aggregates. This ensures that what you’re putting on your playground is 100% all-natural wood.

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Stage Six: Supported by You    

Curamet was developed in response to demand from our customers. We had school board members and principals comment that they prefer a wood product for surfacing, but were concerned about the nails and foreign objects present when using manufactured wood products, such as wood pallets.

We are supported by the Kiwi kids who, when playing on Curamet, can feel good that the surface beneath their feet has played a part in cleaning up New Zealand, resourcefully.  In addition, each playground surfaced with Curamet is storing 500kg of carbon. When Curamet breaks down over time, it can be reutilised, resourcefully, for mulching and promoting plant growth. It’s this circular economy - providing Kiwi kids with environmental awareness and sustainable safety in a playground.

Playground Solutions - Curamet

•             Certified to NZS5828:2015 standards.

•             Sized 20-40mm.

•             100% all-natural wood product.

•             No foreign objects, such as nails or coloured paint.

•             Resourcefully sourced.

•             Plaque installed in every Curamet playground.

•             No obligation consultation and pricing.








About Us

At Wholesale Landscapes, we supply a wide range of landscaping products that are aged and blended to ensure the absolute highest quality. We deliver commercial quantities of bark-based landscape supplies to resellers and projects across NZ. We have a trade yard in Stoke, Nelson where landscapers and contractors can conveniently pick up bulk landscape supplies - all year round.

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