Councils, and contractors to councils, are constantly implementing new projects to tidy and beautify their regions.

Whether it’s for public gardens, schools, corporate premises, golf courses, or other public places, such as cemeteries, Wholesale Landscapes can provide a comprehensive range of bulk landscaping products to suit every project.

If you are a council located in New Zealand, you will inevitably have large projects which require bulk landscaping products, whether it’s bark, shell, compost or something unique.


To ensure your project is completed to a high standard and that you achieve the final result you carefully planned, we advise that you specify, at the outset of your project, the use of Wholesale Landscapes’ specialty products.

Common Wholesale Landscape products which have been specified include:

  • Forest Floor®
  • Black Forrest®
  • BioFilm
  • BioRetain


A brief description of these key products is provided below.

For a comprehensive list of media which will provide all your landscaping solutions, please see our latest product specification guide, complete with recommended usage, at:



Forest Floor®

The ultimate mulch when it comes to landscaping. Known all over New Zealand as the solution to supressing weeds in the spring and retaining moisture over the summer months, Forest Floor® is an all-year-round worker for your landscaped areas. During the colder months Forest Floor® also helps moderate soil temperatures as frosts may come and go. Forest Floor® contains bark fines, right up to 100mm length shreds, which allows it to bind together on steep slopes and remain in place in exposed areas. As a result of the fines aging, landscaped areas will be fed a constant supply of nutrients over a long term. Forest Floor® is simply the most cost-effective bark for coverage.  Especially useful for contractors responsible for on-going maintenance of sites, as it is excellent to ‘lay and leave”. 


Black Forrest®

This innovative and trending product has been perfected for general landscaping, home gardens and contained areas. The jet-black look, derived from a safe, environmentally-friendly, water-based colourant is the key to a fashionable modern-style ground covering. Not only is Black Forrest® a purpose-built decorative mulch, but it also suppresses weeds and helps the soil retain moisture to enhance a garden’s foundation underground. Featured in Nelson’s CBD, Wholesale Landscapes’ Black Forrest® gives the urban area a sophisticated feel when paired with shrubs and bushes in a planter box format.



Biofiltration is the energy-efficient technology for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Biofiltration controls odours from wastewater treatment facilities, compost facilities, rendering plants and other odour-producing operations. This process uses a media mix of natural carbon and trace elements to create an active biological bed through which VOCs are passed. Contaminant compounds diffuse from the gas phase to the liquid or solid phase in the media bed. They then transfer to the Biofilm layer where microbial growth occurs and the contaminants are biodegraded. When working efficiently, the biofiltration media removes more than 90% of the air pollutants, including those that some agencies class as hazardous. Maintenance involves media replacement, moisture control of the filter bed, hardware upkeep and some special requirements depending on the specific biofilter chosen. Most biofilter systems provide for automatic monitoring and logging of gas temperatures, pressures, humidity and flow rate. Bed media and filtration require manual testing.



Known as ‘the superior super soil’, Wholesale Landscapes’ BioRetain has the best qualities of our compost-soil blends with the extra addition of wetting agents and water crystals. The application of BioRetain means a growing tree or shrub is not solely dependent on rainfall. The water crystals are able to hold 400 times their own weight in water, absorbed from excess irrigation, so that in the dryer months plants can thrive in a moist and nutrient-rich environment. Great for urban planting and preparing pits for trees, shrubs and large plants.
Tasman District Council has recently used this Wholesale Landscapes’ product in their ‘Queen Street Upgrade.’ 

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Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting to discuss the best options for your project.

Be assured of quality, and eliminate risk, specify Wholesale Landscapes’ very consistent and highly-reliable products for your next project.



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