Biofilm Biofiltration Media

Biofilm Biofilter bark media

Existing Biofilters

Over the years we've helped many New Zealand councils and contractors minimise odour complains through the auditing of current bark media and providing a specialised solution.

Often the biofilters get neglected due to the barriers and unknowns for testing the media.

Our technical media team make this process easy by collaborating with council staff, contractors and all other parties that are involved.

New Works and Projects Involving Biofilters

Out technical team actively keep informed during the consultation and design process to make sure the right media goes into the biofilter bed.

Often the design documents stipulate a large bark nugget because it's the most widely available although this isn't always the best product for long term performance leaving toxic odour going into the atmosphere.

Biofilm is an all-natural and resourceful bark based recipe solution specialised to your biofilter needs.

Biofilm was developed to provide a product which was consistent with specifications at time of design whilst still being widely available throughout New Zealand.




  • Biofilm is a specialised recipe to your biofilter media requirements
  • Resourcefully sourced
  • Over 20 years of manufacturing experience 
  • Quality, long-lasting ingredients for high performance
  • Complete solution: We work with you from initial testing (if necessary) through to delivery.

Suitable for biofilter applications including:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pump stations
  • Commercial odour management
  • Private sector hazardous odour and bacteria.

Our Ingredients

Premo Nugget-283 Ocean Shell Standard-520-731 Pumice-812
Clean Bark Products Ocean Shell Pumice
We include a range of clean bark products such as nugget, cambium and chip into recipes  An aged, crushed mussel which helps host a healthy environment within the biofilter Some of our mixes also include pumice to support aeration. 

Proven Solutions Servicing

  Tasman District Council  

Our Services 

inspection-220-714 verified-text-paper-766 statistics-776
Inspect  Test Report
We arrange a site visit and inspect your current biofilter. We discuss the use, load and needs of the biofilter We gather a range of samples and test for specific properties that reflect the biofilter performance We provide a report based on observations, test results and recommendations for your site


For more information on technical media please contact us:

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