Truck sizes & Quantities

Unsure if the truck you want will fit into your property?
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Check out the graph below:







Isuzu with Trailer

  No.1 (4x4) No.2 (4x2) No.6 (6x4)  
 Max Payload on Truck 3T 7.5T 12T  
 Bark & Sawdust 6m³ 15m³ 25m³ 55m³
 Soil  3m³ 6m³ 10m³ 20m³
 Supersoil 3m³ 8m³ 11m³ 23m³
 Compost 4m³ 10m³ 16m³ 33m³
 Shell  4m³ 10m³ 16m³ 33m³
 Gravel & Sands  1.5m³ 4m³ 7m³ 15m³

 Truck Measurement

 Width 1.9m 2.5m 2.5m  
 Height 2.5m 2.7m 3.0m  
 Length 5.0m 6.8m 7.7m  

 Weight of Products

 Compost  700-800 kg/m³    
 Bark  300/400 kg/m³    
 Shell  600 - 1000 kg/m³    
 Soil  1000-1200 kg/m³    
 Neutralised Bark  700-800 kg/m³    
 Sawdust  250-400 kg/m³    
 Gravel  1.5 - 1.800 kg/m³    
 Weight of products change because of variable moisture content.
Mini tipper to fit into the narrow skinng-tight places

Our Whizzy little mini tipper can fit most places that cars can access. Four Wheel Drive means that it can take on slopes & drives that the other trucks normally couldn't!

I can fit on 6m³ of Bark but only 3m³ of Soil, see graph above for other measurements.

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